Wednesday, June 10, 2009

plate holder repairs

The hinge on my chosen 8x10 plate holder tore off. Half had rotted away allready. Just a little bit of water allowed to soak into the old material under the paint loosened it and it cleaned up nicely. Instead of using Gaffer's tape, White Linen picture framers tape was used, then painted with a black liquid rubber after it was dry. It looks old and funky just like the others now.
Old glass plates have sharp edges. They fit perfectly into the old wooden holders. Two dry plate holders arrived today and they fit into the camera just right. I know they are dry plate holders because they have that red cardboard inside instead of the black metal with the little spring. There are other plate holders in a pile that need the same work and some more to do on the slides.
A full set of 3M diamond glass polishing pads arrived today. They will be used before the puddle pusher etc is.
Lens boards will need to be made. Only one lens fit the board that fits this camera. And that lens must be screwed into the wood since the flange is just a hair too big to fit the opening. The lens threads engage the wood just right. 16 1/2 inch in a Illex No.5. Not nearly long enough, but it'll do for now.

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