Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Getting ready - again

Yesterday, Monday, the lab fee was paid. $88 worth of paper, sleeves, and chemicals were used during the previous week at Touchstone. Glass plates were explored and 11 film negatives were shot; about 35 prints were made. Then, shopping was done on line for supplies for my next shoot. Freestyle Photographic was used. Liquid Light was first. Chemical storage tanks were bought, books on digital negative making, hand coloring of prints, tongs, dust busters, sleeves - a lot of stuff is needed yet. A source of 1mm sheet glass (google that phrase) was found; holders and glass were measured, they are not all the same. The 12x15 camera was made ready by making a lens board and mounting the huge brass lens. It worked, and the image was like watching HDTV:)
Yet, more needs to be done. My web page was worked on, setting it up to show photography, but it is not published yet; scans were made of camp photos, local darkroom class prints (I took that class 3 times!), and contact prints of very old glass plates. Glass will be ordered today and cutting tools will be needed. It seems that none of the plate holders are exactly alike. Glass will need to be tailored to match. Exact measurements of the two plate holders for the 12x15 Vageeswari are needed; then the cleanup and bellows check, other lens boards, tripod check, paper film, tin film ...... this is fun, this is work, this is costly, this is art, and worth doing.

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