Saturday, June 20, 2009

8x10 Korona

An 8x10 Korona plate camera was taken to photo camp. Everyone loved it. A 14 inch Kodak lens in a Illex No. 5 shutter was screwed into a wooden lens board that fit it. Tripod was wood and stablizer bars held the rails securly. A dark cloth protected my shoulder, while I carried the set, and a bag on my left side held plate holders. It was bulky but then I am, too.

Plates were from of old, unopened, Kodak Tri-x rated at 640 ISO. Images were had at 12 ISO and developed in Pyro. Not the best developer, but it proved that old plates could capture images.
11 images were shot on Ilford HP5+ 400 B&W. One of the plate holders with clear glass in it was used with film and proved to be tight, but it worked. New film holders are thinner than the old wooden plate holders.
One of my prints taken at the Photo camp sold at auction there for $75. I was requested to give a demonstration at the Westmoreland Photographers Group later this year. This was the first time I ever shot 8x10 on plates or on film.
When I arrived home today, a huge box from India was there along with a smaller one from CO. Now I have to cut a hole in a teak lens board and go try out my new old 12x15 plate camera.

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