Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cases for 8x10 and tripod

The local posh antique store had a suitcase just like Mom's. I say, "Had", because it is now mine, less $10. It is Navy blue with white leather edges and gold snaps. It has 1949 scratched on the catch. I use a smaller one just like it. However, this one is perfect for the 8x10 Gundlach Korona; the camera fits into the case like a glove; along side it go a stack of plate holders. On top goes a black cloth; on top of that just fits is a golf seat. I can sit down and focus now.
The old wooden no name tripod fits into a Induro cardboard box, now painted black. The head doesn't fit of course. Gaffer's tape holds the lid shut over the head.
A Giant Eagle cloth shopping bag hold 4 boxes of plates; another bag holds a film changing bag, a 1 degree spot light meter, a note pad and pens, and extra battery for the meter. The one degree meter is essential for the zone system method I intend to learn.

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