Saturday, April 9, 2011

emulsion application methods

My methods of emulsion application are self taught from the web. There was a you tube video of emulsion being poured, and although not actually dry plate emulsion, it was enough to get me started. I tried to copy that last year with enough success to do it again this year.
Emulsion pouring by hand is my basic technique. It is being revisited. New information is being processed and I will pour in the air by hand again. A technique resulted that works lats year. It is a thick emulsion that is not run off but allowed to gell fully thick. That solved my edge problems and gave me perfect plates.
The same technique with a different emulsion led me to try different ways of applying the emulsion. Edge problems of a different sort entered the fray. To get rid of them I've tried scrapeing emulsion onto a plate from edge pieces of glass. This is more in line with The Light Farm methods, without the taped edgs on the Puddle Pusher. Old thin glass was put in the center of new thick glass edges. It works and the edge artifact of picture framing is all but gone.
Now I have two ways of coating plates that are very easy to do and work perfectly.