Thursday, March 10, 2011

first week

My first week has produced 6 plates. One is totally clear; one is almost black; and 5 have images on them, including the black one. I forgot to shut the shutter but got an image anyway?! All the plates were developed in D-76, which was wrong; I just wanted to see... The totally clear one was the one poured in the light as a practice; I wanted to see if it would actually become clear; it took 30 min. but it did. So, if there is any fog, that is a result of development, not fixing or exposure. Exposure was way too little; I've got it scoped out now; asa is most likely 0.5, not 1.5. Dark subjects need longer exposure and closely focused ones need a little more, too.

This is photo number one of this year. I like this method because almost anything I do, even if wrong, still yields images.