Tuesday, March 15, 2011

drying plates

While plates are drying, I installed a new scanner that has a large light in the lid. It is able to scan 8x10 negatives. It didn't cost much and installed even though I'd lost the disks. Software was downloaded and it is good to go. The scanner is a HP, like my computer, G4050. I'm also transcribing my notes to a MS Word 07 document. So far, I'm up to 40 pages of hand written notes in a spiral bound notebook. Typing is on page 24. The new document will need to be rewritten and illustrated. Photography of plates, equipment and set ups have been going on, too. All of it will be put together and bound at Office Depot. A PDF has been made and will be available eventually. Older ones are on line through my web site, studiocarterdotcom. The notes help me think and are a valuable resource in remembering how I exposed or developed or poured plates. Writing them helps me plan what to do next.