Saturday, September 5, 2009

Densities of negatives

A 10x12 light table was purchased in order to see densities of different negatives at the same time. The photograph was made with a Canon and a basic lens. Edges of the table are less light so six different 4x5 glass plates don't photograph as well as they could, but they can all be seen together.
This marks a point of change. New work will soon begin. Getting glass to accept emulsion, exposing it correctly (?), developing it, drying and so on was the goal and it has been met.
New work will begin soon. A drape must be made inside the light tight darkroom door so I can leave plates out to dry. Larger plates must be learned how to be coated. The ultimate is 12x15, some day. And then I'd like to shoot and develop some more 4x5s, perhaps even make a contact print instead of scanning them all the time.