Saturday, August 1, 2009

Strip Bracket Test

Bracketed Strip Test, f 16 @ 1 second each. A bright sunny day but not brilliant dry air, a slight haze, and it was humid. It was the same time and the same kind of sun as the last shot the day before. However, the Weston meter said 100 instead of 200; it may be inconsistent, I don't know. The Luna Pro, from the subject, pointed at the camera was 21. (That wasn't done right the first time). This file is not enhanced or touched up in any way. The negative is 4x5, glass plate, Liquid Light, Dektol 1:3, but development took 6 minuets. The plate was dried two full days and no prewetting had been done prior to developing. It developed by inspection, the edges got dark first and much later the center areas. I developed it until it showed the darker steps, one side was darker and there was tone in the other areas. The other plates were still damp when I developed them. This plate is the best pour so far. The camera was the Bender, and the lens 210 f 5.6 Caltar.

What is the correct exposure? What is the ISO? The middle one is f 16 @ 4 seconds. It looks dark.

More accurate measurements of the light need to be made. Fresh emulsion needs to be used. This batch had been heated up many times. It is too soon to determine exact ISO.