Sunday, November 8, 2009

That web is HUGE

There are three different webs that I am studying, not just one. You can get to number two and three of them from the one, The Light Farm. The links are in the big box, under the line, at the bottom. Emulsion Coating Wells is part of The Light Farm since it is just one page. That there are three webs and not one was a revelation to me. The Light Farm is the largest of the webs, but the other two are each a good size. Everything has to be sorted out before I start studying. Sorting is studying. I have to know what I need to know. Denise W. Ross Photography is another web. That one is first for me but was last that I found. I bought a print of that image of the forest path, "Hope". The third web is The Original "Adventures in Emulsion_Making" blog




Now she's off learning more about something new and surely another web is in the making.
I'b best start on the first page of one of these three and go through to the end several times over. Hand coloring is very interesting to me so perhaps I'll read everything in drwphotos first.